Debra‘s immense amount of network marketing knowledge, her ability to listen & personalize her coaching, and her unequaled integrity are just a few things that make her a wonderful coach. When I first came to NWM I knew nothing about the industry. Debra has not only educated me, but my team. She truly has a heart for distributors. Debra believed in me when I didn’t even believe in myself. Now, even as a 7-figure income earner, I wouldn’t want to do this without her.

  • Kasey, KC

Ms Rothschild is a master in the network marketing industry, at first I was a tad apprehensive but quickly was put to ease with her skillful ability to communicate. Debra does shoot straight from the hip coated with compassion and a desire to see people win. Our partnership of six years is a blessing, Grateful,

  • Olivia, Newark, NJ

Debra’s business is top-shelf! Incredible communicator, high integrity, great sense of humor and a loving spirit!

  • Ellen, SC

What I found most encouraging about Debra as her powerful attitude of “yes you can and you can do this.” My business was not duplicating and to my amazement she took time to meet each of my leaders. Together, we busted through wrong thinking, tweaked our strategy helping my team achieve their goals. Debra is GREAT!

  • Melissa, Milwaukee, WI

Debra is a guru in developing NWM organizations bar none. She’s a master trainer and all I can say is “ You will learn.”

  • Thomas, Biloxi, MS

Debra is an entrepreneurial dream bringing to the table over 20 years of dynamic success. Smart, savvy, kind and humble.

  • Sky, Chicago, IL

Not only is Debra entertaining, but her vast knowledge of NWM astounded me I was already a six-figure income earner, wasn’t sure I needed a coach until I sat down with her. Fast forward 11 years later she’s on staff to train all my leaders. I could never have done this without her. God Bless Debra

  • Ursie, Toledo, OH

As a platform speaker, Debra Rothschild has had plenty of practice in developing her presentation skills and she helped me understand the simplicity once you understand your audience. She helped me understand the different facets of organizing and developing a presentation and delivering it properly and that it was important to feel comfortable in my own style. She stressed how eye contact, gestures, tone of voice and an energized presentation make a huge difference. And, above all, practice, practice, practice. She boosted my confidence in delivering my best in every presentation.

Debra helped me understand Network Marketing and what makes a successful Distributor/Sponsor. She opened my eyes to the possibilities and she helped me develop my coaching and follow up skills. She also helped me in understanding the difference in building a successful or unsuccessful organization. Using those skills, I have been able break through and develop a highly successful organization as a result of her coaching.

Sometimes we seem to be on an island and think our problems and issues are unique but Debra’s group coaching taught me one thing among many – we are not alone, probably not unique in our trials and tribulations and certainly can learn much from others. Just one small “nugget” we pick up each time the group meets is worth the time and energy in preparation and has helped me immensely not to mention that I have made new connections and developed new competencies that I didn’t have before. Hallelujah!

Debra Rothschild can quickly see through the Junk identifying the issues that was holding my entire team back! Coaching with Debra has given me confidence in all business affairs.

  • Juanita, Royston, Ga

It has been a great pleasure working with Debra for four years. Her strength and confidence help me take control of both my business and my personal life. Today I am focused, driven but more importantly I am fulfilled in every area of my life. Thank you Debra

  • Suzanne, San Clemente, CA

Debra Rothschild has the greatest communication skills I’ve ever come across. I hired her because I hit a dead-end road with my career. She was able to provide me options, guidelines and empowered me with confidence to move past my barriers.

  • Ted, West Palm Beach

Debra Rothschild is certainly the whole package, coaching and training my 4000 distributors without missing a beat!

  • Olivia, Seattle, WA

Deb Rothschild is a leader in every sense of the word. She believed in me when I couldn’t, created a master plan for success and became a silent partner. My income has multiplied, and most of all, I’m a better business woman because of her. I am blessed!

  • Carolyn, Hudson Valley, NY

Debra is passionate and driven for everyone to become successful. She leads with visions, skills and integrity.

  • Olivia, Newark, NJ

I’ve flown Debra in four times throughout the years. We are always in all grabbing onto every word – sharing truth, tactics and a plan we could all run with. Grateful for Debra!

  • Karri, Lexington, KY

I attended a conference where she was a keynote speaker for a company that I was involved with. I could feel her energy, excitement and passion to make a difference in peoples lives. I Hired her on the spot!

  • Lenora, NM

Debra is a genius in cutting through all of the superfluous information and honing in on the really important issues in communication. She taught me the value of open ended questions, listening intently, providing adequate and timely feedback and breaking through to the different social types. She gently prodded me into coming out of my shell and exploring the verbal and non-verbal cues others give us. I had no idea how important it was in establishing instant rapport and am grateful for the breakthroughs I have experienced.

As a successful entrepreneur herself, Debra stressed the importance of effective time management, goal setting and improving my negotiating skills. She also stressed preventing common mistakes that we often make. She worked with me on these and ingrained in me that being accountable to me in addition to others can make the difference in success or failure. Her personal coaching style made me up my “inner game.” I have achieved so much as a result and love my future.

Like the Phoenix, Debra helps you rise from your ashes of discouragement.

Debra helps polish you into a rare and almost perfect gem, ready to conquer the world.

Debra doesn’t buy into your self-pity and challenges you to become a new, confident person. I love the new me!

You can’t spend time with Debra without being inspired to spring into action.

I’m still shocked at what I became through Debra’s guidance.

Go big or go home I was challenged and so grateful I didn’t go home!

Debra helped me spring to life and take giant strides – reaching new levels of success.

Debra challenges your beliefs and helps you build a stronger you.

Debra is a savvy, witty, and focused coach.

Debra is a fabulous listener and a compelling questioner

Coaxes breakthrough ideas out of the deep recesses of your mind and helps you act on them.

Debra has a diversity of depth in business success, education, and experiences.

Insightful and intuitive – knows you better than you know yourself.

Amazing grasp of fundamentals I was missing and even more demanding of my succeeding against all odds and I did!

Compelling motivator!

Rebuilds a new you, but surprise, you did it yourself! Debra only facilitated it.

Fear, doubt? No longer – Debra coaxed me out of that. Now I run through fear and bypass doubt.

Debra forces you to step up your game.

Working with Debra you get 5 consultants for the price of one.

Debra doesn’t miss anything.

Debra is humorous and optimistic.

Debra sees through the fog and discovers the real you.